Water Products

We are providing construction for water intakes, Pre Treatment, Main Treatment and Post Treatment. Filtration System (MF, NF, UF, RO), Disinfection (Gas Disinfection, UV, Ozone, Electrochlorination), Dissolve Air Flotation (DAF), Incline Plate Clarifier, Deep Depth Filtration , Heavy Metal Removal (Aeration, Green Sand Plus and Iron Oxide), Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, Demin Water Generator, Water Analyzer and Monitoring, Stripping Tower and Scrubber, Deep Well Pumping Station. Pumping and Booster Station (Low lift and High lift), Desalination Plant, Portable Remote Water Treatment Plant, Water Distribution. Temporary Portable Water Generator (TPWG), Function to Treated Surface Water and Underground Water and Pumping to Existing Water Distribution System

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