Our Industries


Certified Unique Constructor

ARA is a certified G7 company by CIDB to construct projects of an unlimited amount.  A highly qualified team of professionals possessing extensive experience and applying cutting edge technologies and engaging reliable partners and suppliers enables us to carry out projects of a wide range of complexity promptly and on schedule. Due to our custom made individual approach we always work with every client on an individual basis; therefore, you can be absolutely reassured that fulfilling your requests is our most important priority.

Our most important criteria is a positive experience of our customers which means that you get a trustworthy team which closely monitors each and every project stage providing assistance all the way from the concept design to full implementation and completion saving you sufficient time.

Water Treatment Plant

Our water treatment plant construction includes design and builds for Remote WTP, River WTP and Recycled Water (IWK) WTP.

ARA specialises in designing process, plans arrangement, and turnkey construction of customised water treatment plants includes builds for Remote, River and Recycled Water (WTP). A system growth and modernisation are required in every new construction projects. The time implementation and quality-compliant project are fully monitored by our experienced project managers in water technology sector.

Supporting our clients with procedures approval, constructed organisation site as general contractor and coordinate the trades towards the final handover of the project. Expertised in monitoring the budget while allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Desalination Plant

ARA had built drought-proof desalination technology, an alternative water supply that provides up to millions of gallons per day of drinking water. A rigorous pretreatment process where the seawater goes coming into the plant, producing high quality drinking water through advanced reverse osmosis technology. Our solution looks into the sustainability and reliability of the plant by maximizing the natural avenues thus lowering the operational expenditures.

Second Oil Refinery and Incinerator Plant

The second oil refinery plant took place by being processed in sludge oil into diesel oil, HFO, MFO and Bitumen. The waste from the thick oil are being transferred to the incinerator plant for particular processes and disposal. The incinerator plant scheduled waste for safe disposal and treatment. Ara with its huge expertise has the capability to construct both plants, purposely to maximise the investment with the highest ROI.

Integrated Yard, Dry Dock, Ship Lift

ARA has designed a complete integrated yard with complete dry dock, syncro lift, and bunkering facilities to cater for oil and gas decommissioning works and marine repair and refurbishment services. To be constructed in Pulau Kuching, Kemaman with target completion in 2022, this integrated yard shall be the second of such facility next to Aberdeen, Scotland that offers all these integrated services at one place.

And we have more to offer.

Chemical Injection Packages

Strictly require injection systems for chemicals with custom designs need for the application. Whether in the situation of extremely hot or cold environments, immense demand for trustworthy and easy maintenance on off-shore platforms are ready to be received.

We are able to offer Chemical Injection Packages that are not only custom-made by our expertise, but attribute unsurpassed dependance and quality. Ara is developing skids and packages that could meet specific and global standards which includes ASME, API and ATEX. Our global project management team and production facilities are well organised. The first progress that we take place from the commencing sketch through the finishing system with complete source from our company.

Chlorination Plant

The process of combining chlorine or chlorine compounds such as sodium hypochlorite into the water. This purposely to kill certain bacteria and other microbes in tap water as chlorine is highly toxic. Other than that, this process can be used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid.

Terminal & Tank Farm

One of the industrial facilities, an oil depot or known as tank farm purposely used for the storage of oil and petrochemical products. These products are often transported to end users or further storage facilities. This oil depot typically has tankage, underground and gantries for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles such as barges or pipelines. It’s often situated near to oil refineries or any locations that consist marine tanker containing products is able to discharge their cargo. Attached to pipelines where they draw their supplies. Fed by rail, barge and road tanker or known as “bridging”.

Oil depot is unsophisticated facility where there’s no processing or other transformation on site. Any products which reach the depot from refinery process, will be deliver to customers in their final form. Additives may be injectected into products in tanks whenever no manufacturing plant on site. There is a greater degree of automation on site with few significant changes in depot operational activities over time through these modern depots.

Solar Plant

We offer a full range of services and provide innovative solutions to fit a wide variety of location and terrain complexities, including ground-mounted PV installations or solar parking structures that make best use of available space and maximize your return on investment

Wide range of expertise that we could propose in the renewable energy sector and deploy solar technology. Purposely to shape the renewable energy revolution to fit in various location and terrain complexities. Other than that, ARA provides ground-mounted PV installations and solar parking structures for our clients to be able to save spare some space and maximise their return on investment.

Water network system (piping & elevated tank pump station, metering station)

Ara offers service for complete water network system with piping & elevated tank pump station and metering station; an area in which its staff have extensive experience and expertise.

We have experience of various technology for water treatment system for drinking water, reservoir tapping, and the design of water supply systems. Clean water has to be delivered to consumers, so water systems construction is demanding work. We use powerful computer software to analyse and design complicated water supply systems and high-volume pipe systems for both steady and intermittent supply.