Our Industries

Food and Beverages

Halal and Healthy Consumption

Ara F&B Services has been serving over 500 Halal meals/day in different business and industry sectors daily, to whom we offer various catering packages including halal lunch boxes, corporate catering service, healthy halal buffet catering & VIP serving services. Our company’s reputation of providing exceptional catering services is built-on by repeatedly delivering consistent and quality products and services that constantly meeting our customers’ expectation if not exceeding it.

Catering for camps, VIP

We are serving food for camps, project meetings, occasions and VIP dining setting. Served from the best and healthy food sources that could maintain good health for the best performance. Sustainable food and beverages that could provide those who are involved. Well etiquette for particular events and occasions the preserve good image of the company.

Mineral Water Supply

The most important element to adequate fluid for body immune system. Avoiding dehydration throughout the day of the process. Purifying supplies enough mineral water in various packages of 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre as much as needed for each department.

Coconut & Coconut Milk Product (box / packaged coconut milk)

Scientifically shows that coconut consists of several nutrients that could act as antioxidants and good for metabolism. Packed in boxes to maintain the best condition for ARA organisations. One of the healthy supplies to serve all the staffs in ARA company to maintain good health for the best performance.

Avoiding BPA (stands for bisphenol A found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins especially in food and beverage containers) is a good way to prevent such diseases. ARA providing Aseptic cartons that could prevent any harm. Hundred percent of coconut milk in two carton sizes could be supplied by us as the flavour slightly different compared to the other canned coconut milks. Available in solid options depending on individual needs. Smaller-sized cartons that are convenient for certain times and can be used as curries to soups and additional ingredients in various food.