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Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as part of the oil and gas industries which could affect the quality and performances. ARA providing manpower supply platform, turn around system, tower maintenance system, remote monitoring system, virtual reality, mobile application development, custom web system and E-commerce.




Turn Around System

Turn Around Management System (TUMS) was developed on a practical approach based on tried and proven method. With its through judicious planning and scheduling, TUMS can help an organization to save on manpower costs, while ensuring the shortest possible downtime, and achieving the most efficient use of equipment in any oil and refinery based turn-around projects.

The secret to achieving the most efficient plan is to remove all wasted motion, all unnecessary movements or transports, and minimize crew and equipment redeployment.

TUMS is based on a 100% web based system and available in both iOS and Android Platform. It has the ability to import & export data from external sources plus integration with scheduling tools. TUMS also has the ability to track down planning progress with predefined work status and ensuring maximum systems security and access control for preserving data integrity.

TUMS Modules include but not limited to Worklist, Contractors' Instruction, JMS, MCS, JHA, RA, EIS, Scheduler and Document Library.

Tower Maintenance System

TMS are built using open source platform and adapt a mobile-friendly interface which makes it viewable over smart phone, tablet and desktop. It will be bundled with with an Android Mobile App and iOS Mobile Appthat makes it easy for user to update the system real-time regardless of their whereabouts (i.e. at sites, on the move, site office etc) and comes with both offline and online version.

The TMS allow client to monitor their sites in real time covering various alarms which include power supply, battery levels, equipment failure, vandalism and other equipments where necessary.

These monitoring are then automatically being converted into useful reports for clients to access the statistics, maintenance trends as well as monitoring the SLA Performances of their contractors and vendors.

Remote Monitoring System

The Remote Monitoring System allows easy monitoring of the operating status of the intended equipment from a variety of locations, such as another building inside a plant, a facility outside a plant, or from an overseas site. The major benefits include :-

Stress-free Remote Monitoring Thanks to a Proprietary Communications Protocol.
Thanks to a communications protocol that was independently developed with remote monitoring in mind, regardless of the connection type, stress-free remote monitoring is achieved without concern for communications speeds.

Remote Monitoring at a Level Equivalent to Being On-site
Remote monitoring at the same level as being on-site and right beside the equipment being monitored is possible, eliminating the sense of inconvenience associated with remote monitoring locations.

Email Notification Function
When an abnormality occurs in applicable equipment, an email can be sent automatically, allowing personnel to quickly ascertain the status of the abnormality and take action.

Our RMS leverages on IOT technology and comply with Industry 4.0.