Industrial Products

ARA as an independent company, provides various industrial products which include Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, Sewage Treatment Plant, Onsite Ammonia removal generator, Onsite Arsenic removal generator, Onsite Iron & Manganese removal generator, Sulphur Reactive bacteria treatment system, Pump Skid System, Chemical Injection System, Caisson and Dosing System, Gas Leak Automatic Shut off system, Pipeline Flushing and Preservation system (dry and wet), Metering Station (water and gas), Onsite Machining for Heat Exchanger from 1200mm until 2000mm sizes. 

Product line up.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Flange and Milling Machine

Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

FiFi Fire Water Pump System

Onsite Cleaning Skid

Solvent Chemical Cleaning

Portable Acid / Alkaline / Descaller Cleaning Cart

Metering Station (Water and Gas)

Pipeline Flushing and Preservation System (Dry and Wet)

Gas Leak Automatic Shut Off System

Caisson and Dosing System

Chemical Injection System

Pump Skid System

Sulphur Reactive Bacteria Treatment System

Onsite Iron & Manganese Removal Generator

Onsite Arsenic Removal Generator

Onsite Ammonia Removal Generator

Dry Ice Chemical Cleaning

Sterilizer System for Outbreak Control