Our Industries

Oil and Energy industries.

Technologies shaping the future.

Ara Offshore provide both Onshore and Offshore High-End Engineering services specifically in the Oil and Energy Industry. The combination of various skillsets among the team members together with adaptation of the latest technology in the system and processes enable our clients to lower down their costs and expenditures.

Regardless of upstream, midstream or downstream segment, Ara has extensive experience which can be projected into quality and fast delivery in each projects and services it endeavours.

EPCIC: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning.

ARA offers en-to-end, turnkey EPCIC through excellent engineering design works and construction arm. Led by industrial-driven experts, hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art facilities that further empowers this vision. Our aim, to deliver high quality standards across the spectrum of EPCIC.

Transport & Installation (T&I) and Hook-up & Commissioning (HUC)

Within the ambit of integrated hook-up and commissioning (iHUC), we embark the fields of heavy lifting, pipeline installations, jacket launching, floatovers and other deepwater projects. Offshore diving and underwater maneuvers with the aid of precise engineering processes and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), the transport and installation (T&I), comes into a complete cycle. iHUC covers not just newly constructed offshore facilities, but also applies to existing platforms. Delivering a full loop in the scope allows us to further grace our name in the EPCIC game, through well-rounded services such as Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Manpower, Quality Assurance and Control and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) methods.


Decommissioning work involves the safe plugging of the hole on earth’s surface and disposal of the equipment used in offshore oil production. In the decommissioning sector, we provide turnkey engineering, survey and offshore decommissioning services with extensive experience within the industry. We strongly adhere to all environmental and safety aspects as per regulations set by the local and international authorities.

Turnaround & Shutdown

Turnaround-Shutdown ARA had successfully accomplished the crucial maintenance contracts in chemical cleaning, water treatment, sewage treatment, pipeline, Instrumentation and general plant maintenance among others. We provide rentals for both Rotating and Static Equipment in most areas of plant maintenance. We are also able to place our technicians and skilled workforce towards unexpected maintenance or equipment failure in short time.

Our uniqueness for turnaround and shutdown is such that we are able to combine several scopes into one bundled package giving the clients the ultimate in cost and time savings.

And we have more to offer.

Fabrication Yard

Ara provides a spectrum of fabrication services for the upstream oil & gas industry. The scope of work covers the fabrication, assembly, erection, inspection, testing, load out, planning including nondestructive testing (NDT) services for the completion of fabrication works. The Fabrication yard in Pengerang is strategically located in close proximity to clients’ oil & gas facilities and has easy access to harbour/anchorage, thus facilitating marine logistics and services.

Marine Maintenance Refurbishment Operation (MRO)

ARA has the lead in providing unified solutions for marine maintenance, refurbishment and repair services . Offering a wider range of dependable services and facilities at one integrated centre allowing extensive cost savings and less time required to accomplish the required tasks.

Rental Equipment

Reducing the need for permanent purchases could lowering the capex, thus we offer rental equipment on-demand. Either on a lease or rental basis that could give our clients the best options to choose. Ara experienced years delivering offshore and onshore rental equipment and services. The best quality and latest model versions that Ara could serve to enhance the solutions by our maintenance and service experts.

Feed Study & Engineering Consultancy

Our experts have over three decades of experience in oil and gas industry environments providing trustable engineering design services. Ara offers unique solutions from Front-End Engineering Design, Detailed Engineering Design, GA drawing for both onshore and offshore needs.

Ara distinguished itself by tailor made each engineering design to suit the client's need based on their environment and surrounding.These are achievable through enhancing the current design with better features or totally create a new design that fit the solution they requires


Due to the nature of services provided in the industry, each machinery and equipment required for each project involves high cost of ownership. Therefore with Ara, we do provide a lease-to-own option that tags to our services for clients that require flexibility in term of financing packages

Nevertheless, for those who prefers straight line purchase outright, we have integrated maintenance packages that will bring down the total cost of ownership over the years.

Water Injection

Water Injection Water injection is required when the oil field need an increased pressure in order to stimulate production. Ara's water injection services include but not limited to:-
- Analyzing reservoirs
- Performing test water floods
- Determining injection profiles
- Designing drilling patterns
- Determining the reservoirs response to water influx and installation of a permanent facility.