Our Industries

Water and Wastewater

Water Treatment Specialist

Ara specializes in providing water and wastewater treatment technical services to our customers. In fact, our ability to perform these services is what separates us from the rest of our competition. Our competition sells chemicals or equipment – we sell solutions and complete wastewater treatment systems.

Ara  provides technical services which include system design, waste characterization, chemical treatability, sludge dewaterability and pH neutralization. Ara has the ability to work closely with our customers to solve real-life, demonstrate the solutions to those problems, and implement them. These services include bench testing, pilot-scale and  valuations.

EPCIC & Turnkey

Ara's Engineering and Construction business provides end-to-end, turnkey EPCIC solutions for the water and wastewater industry. Supported by our in-house engineering team, fabrication yard, strategic assets and capability in water treatment system, we deliver high-quality products across the full EPCIC spectrum including water treatment plant, desalination plant, pumping station, pipeline and wastewater treatment.

Water Treatment Plant

With our expertise in wastewater treatment, we can offer complete project management for the construction of the plant which includes particular peripherals such as pumps, fittings, measurement and treatment technology.

By having modular structure of the system components, we are able to configure the plant based on water source density and the desired water quality outputs.

Desalination plant

Ara, one of the leading providers of seawater desalination solutions, proven with Multi-Stage Flash (MKSF), Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies that allow us to deliver reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions within a short time in the industry. Our vision of becoming a global leader by continue expanding into various sectors of the water market.

Wastewater Treatment

Under wastewater treatment sector, ARA proudly provides qualified work aided by our team from comprehensive knowledge of these systems by engineering, construction, conservation, operation and maintenance services. Based on the Integral Water Cycle, the activity that includes collection, treatment, purification and reusable water process before the final progress in returning it to its natural environment. ARA centered the attention on crucial infrastructures such as sanitation system of sewers and outlets, WWTPs and tertiary treatment for sewage reuse. The facilities for the complete treatment of all discharges, urban and industrial was designed and built to secure the required expectation of treatment, meeting specific standard at all time along with fixed regulation levels for discharges.

And we have more to offer.

Rental Equipment, Portable Water Treatment Plant, Portable Sewage Treatment Plant

An independant, durable, and standardised reverse osmosis watermaker of Ara RO Water Equipment designed precisely for the marine and offshore markets. Capable of producing from (5 to 100 m³/day) of drinkable water from the sea by this adaptable piece of equipment.

The equipment able to supply operators with consistent volumes of fresh water on demand by this design for the world's most extreme conditions. Customers are freely assured that the equipment are well proven with our 30 years of world-class service to this market and hundreds of installations offshore. Field-proven technology and components, at the same time maintaining the simplicity and maintainability of design that would come out with the highest level of confidence by the operators in freshwater quality and availability.

Fabrication and Servicing Yard

We fabricate and assemble our own water maker system in our yard. Through years of experience delivering water solution to the clients, we identified reliable and reputable suppliers that can deliver high quality parts and consumables in our system.

By assembling and configuring it locally using established parts, we have succeeded in delivering the most cost-effective model to our clients without breaking their pockets. During operation, our servicing team are always ready to comprehend all the technical aspects of maintenance and services, thus ensuring the client gets the maximum output from our water maker system.

Please refer to our facilities for full details of our fabrication and servicing yard.

Maintenance & Services

We are fulfilling our client’s demands with our competent Water Treatment Maintenance Services. Annual maintenance, consultancy and upgraded scale in rank, services of existing plants and treatment system are included in our services. Offering our services synchronised with international standards requirements and practices aided by our experienced engineers and technocrats. We’re proudly receiving appreciation from our customers upon our services with professional approach, time implementation and cost effective solutions.

Tube Well and Underground Water Treatment

As a full-service company, ARA offering services which includes groundwater prospecting, well drilling, pump installation, water testing, groundwater treatment plant, water system operation. We also operate the water system, services maintenance for industrial and commercial, agriculture, construction and municipal applications.

Other than that, we provide services in the field of water treatment which involve turnkey contractor for the design and focussing on the construction of tube-well water treatment systems and plants in order to supply treated water which met the W.H.O drinkable water standards.

Pipeline Services, non-revenue water

Ara expertise in water leak detector, leak detection equipment, pipe and cable locator that could give full support in terms of underground pipe water leakage detection, utilities and Non-Revenue Water. We are able to find the source of water leaks in problems solving by gathering the usage of Digital Listening Stick, Water Leak Ground Microphones, Pipes and Cable Locators, Leak Noise correlators, Water Pressure Loggers and Flowmeters.