With our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, we aim to positively impact the workplace, the environment and the community.

Flood Victim Aid & Rescue.

ARA has participated in the rescue campaign for Temerloh flood victims in January 2015. Within the two months campaign, ARA has aided thousands of victims during the critical moment . Our rescue team consists of twelve pax consisting of two medics, two divers, one engineer and one lead personnel. The rescue has been closely supervised by both the police and firefighting division from Temerloh.

Our machineries, tools and equipment are all packed inside our modified four wheel drive pick-up car with complete winching system front and back side, road clearance system, portable genset (50KVA diesel driven genset) and one(1) unit of 25m3 per hour portable Reverse Osmosis System Water Maker with disinfection filtration and pump.The pick-up car was complimented by our own modified unsinkable rescue boat with a 60 Hp – 4 stroke engine with electrical thruster equipped with radio communication system, GPS and sounder sonar system.

Our roles in rescue activities include but not limited to transferring affected residents and treat the victims who are in need. We were also responsible to supply the victims with food, beverages and medicines along Sungai Pahang (Hulu Temerloh).

In overall, Ara managed to supply more than 35 metric tonnes of food supplies, drinks and medicines for the villagers. We also have cooked and supplied frozen food up to 300 flood victims. 

We’ve set up a shelter for the victims complete with portable genset, portable water maker system and designated restrooms. With our own water treatment system, we are able to supply drinkable water that is free from chlorine and dangerous bacterias.

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Remote water maker treatment plan for Kampung Orang Asli.

We have supplied a portable water treatment system to few villages in stages which include Kampung Krai, Temerloh during the flood rescue campaign. This 30m3 per day water maker powered by diesel genset water filtration system with complete tank and pump has helped 200 villagers to consume safe drinking water throughout the tough times.

Ara expertise in water treatment services has enable us to produce the same portable water treatment system for rural areas that are suffering from scarce water source at the lowest cost possible. The said system are tailored made based on the requirements and accept various water sources from water tube well, river water, and lake water which able to output potable water inclusive of chlorine injection.

For further details on Ara Potable Water Treatment System for the needs, please contact our CSR team at csr@araoffshore.com.my